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Rum Sixty Six har äntligen utökat sin kollektion av rom. De har lagt till en XO och en Cask Strength (59%). Enligt pressreleasen så kommer de båda att ligga på mycket attraktiva priser!

Pressreleasen (på engelska):

Rum Sixty Six is hoping to increase the breadth of its range and broaden appeal by adding Extra Old and Cask Strength to its portfolio.

Aged six years and 12 years respectively, Extra Old (40% abv) and Cask Strength (59% abv) are aimed at ‘true rum connoisseurs’.

The two additions join Family Reserve 12yo and will be priced at £30 (Extra Old) and £55 (Cask Strength). Distilled in small batches, the variants are aged and bottled at the Foursquare Rum Distillery in St. Philip, Barbados.

‘The new Rum Sixty Six range provides a greater breadth of opportunities for Halewood to explore the premium end of the dark rum category,’ a Halewood Wines & Spirits spokesperson said.

‘Consumers are placing increasing emphasis on provenance and authenticity in their spirit choices, and Rum Sixty Six, coming from the historic Foursquare Distillery, provides a genuine point-of-difference, whether you’re new to the category or looking for the ultimate cask-strength rum.’

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